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Custom Qt widgets

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Hi guys,

Is it possible to use custom Qt widgets for node parameters instead of the predefined look you get from parameter templates?

Also is there a way to use Qt widget for a pop up directly without using ui scripts?

Cheers, Mila.

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To update this thread in case anyone is looking into embedding custom Qt widgets directly in the node's parameter pane. This seems is not possible.
I've asked SideFX about this while ago so here's their answer:


It's not possible to inject Qt widgets directly into parameter pane, either.

However, Houdini does support custom panels:



The second link has an example of linking node parameter so PySide parameter widgets.

It may be possible to have a node parameter that contains a button that launches a window with custom panel for ramp editing. The editing process in that window would update the data in the parameter itself.



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