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import inlinecpp

inlinecpp.extendClass(hou.Geometry, "geo_merge_HOM_ext", "", ["""
void mergePrimGroup(GU_Detail* gdp, const GU_Detail* src, const char* prim_grp)
    gdp->merge(*src, src->findPrimitiveGroup(prim_grp));

"AttributeError: function ?mergePrimGroupy...yadadada not found"

This error only occurs when "src" is const, or gdp isn't const.  Basically if the const-ness of the GU_Detail args are mismatched the function "can't be found".  Does anyone know anything about this?




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1 hour ago, graham said:

Are you on Windows?

Sorry, yes... of course, sigh...


1 hour ago, graham said:

Do things work better if you put the prim_group arg in between the detail args?

Truly a noble effort but alas no.


I suppose the only thing left to do is send in a bug report just in case, and just take the geometry as a SOP_Node instead.


Thanks Graham.

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