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Hqueue sim with substep output (what am I missing?)


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I've got a Geometry ROP outputting bgeo files from a fluid sim - the sim has 5 substeps, the Geometry ROP is set to a Step Size of 0.2, and the filename is using "something.$FF.bgeo.sc"

That works fine locally... I get files numbered {.1.  .1.2.  .1.4.  .1.6.  .1.8.  .2.} etc...

When I throw in an Hqueue Simulation node, and submit the same thing to the farm, it will only output whole-frame files, the subframe files never appear.

Why would there be a difference?

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Well, not sure why, or if there's a proper solution, but for now, a brute-force workaround worked fine:

Run the output through a Timeshift node, with "$FF/5" and Integer Frames unticked, then set the ROP to 5x the frame range, and filenames with an `$FF/5` expression in place of $FF

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