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Import DOP to SOP no shelf tool


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I am trying a manual setup to advect particles , and it works pretty good in the DOPS, but now I need to export the particles to SOPs and cannot figure out how.


I tried to make a geo object and use "DOP Import" and "DOP I/O" but without the shelf tools I'm not sure what the object mask and path should be set to for import of only the particles. I'm sure its simple, but not sure how it works, here is my file.



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10 hours ago, Yon Anadeyo said:

Drop a particle shelf tool man


Unfortunately I tired it of course!!! 

Did you look at the file? The problem with shelf tools you become forever handicap I'm sure its a simple checkbox somewhere on one of the 20 DOP nodes that Im missing!

I'm wondering if its the method of advection that I am using that it does not actually create real particle geometry?


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I am not familiar setting DOPs up this way, I would have the smoke in a separate network and then advect by volume dop in a separate POP network....so not sure with this setup.

but your trying to import popobject1 and theres no popobject1 plugged into your popsolver so that might be it

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OK super!  now I got it.  One other important bit of information is that i needed to set the fields to import option on and make sure it was set to "Geometry" by default the DOP IO has all field imports turned OFF!

That's one thing a shelf tool can't teach you! 

Now it makes sense because technically all the result fields are solved together, density, vel, temperature and also Geometry/points because I nested the the advection node into the multisolver solver node so it all comes through as one object but you have to filter the thing/result you want from all the DOP fields. Thanks for the help.


Image 003.png

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