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Houdini alembic to Maya - Extra attributes

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I'm sorry if this is more of a Maya question than an Houdini one, but I'm trying to get custom attributes that I created in Houdini (say a vector named v1) to render in Maya, using Mental Ray.

My geometry has changing topology, so my first thought was to use an alembic cache, and it did work, but I can't figure out how to pipe the extra attributes into a shader for rendering..

Maya doesn't recognize them as extra UV sets or color sets, and the only evidence that they're there is the "Extra Attributes" section in the shape node of the object. Importing it back to Maya shows that the data is indeed there.

I'd appreciate any hint on this, 


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You can possibly use SOuP for Maya to extract your vector attribute and bind it to a color set that can be read by mental ray. The arrayToPointColor node can extract this information. See this link: http://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=240

Also if your attribute types are set correctly, Houdini should export Alembics with readable color sets. Check this thread: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/38939/?page=1#post-178403

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