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Spring Calculation Time

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Hi guys,

I have a character with points scattered across his scalp and some curves copied over to get some hair happening (using a spring etc). The problem is that my animation is split across several hip files. In one hip file, I need to start the animation at around frame 3000. Starting it at around frame 300 takes about half an hour to calculate where the hairs should be at that time. I'm scared to find out how long frame 3000 going to take.

Is there any way I can get the calcuations to skip a bunch of frames? I've messed around with the start-time of the spring and that does make it really fast, but the hair just becomes a trail from the position in frame 1 to the position in the starting frame.

I really just need to do some test renders to see how its going.

Oh no. :o

It looks like I have more problems than I thought. Whenever the character moves his head, the hair deforms - not because of the spring either. It seems to be coming from the comb sop. When I bypass it, the hair holds still but with it on, the curves rotate. Cool, but not controllable nor what I want.



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