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dyei nightmare

¿Is anybody working remotelly as fx td or fx artist?

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I work remotely as well, creating product & explainer videos in the relatively lower budget realms, essentially creating clean and refined visuals that are very simple. Make a pretty scene, animate a camera around it, add some animated text. Done. 

But I'm also doing all the producing work as well: writing pitches, making bids, discussing projects with potential clients (so many emails...SO MANY), writing scripts, finding voice artists, directing the voice over, searching through hundreds of music tracks for the right tune, all the client communication & negotiations during the project itself (A great many more emails)...and then, after all that... I do the art stuff. 

95% of my work is entirely C4D, but I'm slowly moving into H now that Vray for H is gaining a bit of traction. 

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