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Random + two sided textures


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Hi Guys,I have a simple dop simulation of dominoes.

I just want to put random textures in two sides of that box.

I am attaching a sample file which i created

It could be really great if someone could update this file and send me.

I have all the images with extenstion .jpg in the a folder.

I want these images to be uniquely copied as textures to the box.


Thank you!


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6 minutes ago, f1480187 said:

This setup seems a bit old and too complex. It may be easier to go with a simpler version, here is example: dominoes.hipnc

If you have a bunch of textures, you may use single shader instead of many, and use override on Material nodes. It will not be visible in viewport, though.

sure but how can we create two side textures?

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Depends on what you meant by that. From the information provided, you probably don't need two-sided shader (1, 2) but assign material to different sides of box. If you add another set of material nodes and set their Group to another primitive number, it should work for you.


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