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Guide Geometry

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What do I need in cookMyGuide1 just to get the geometry from an input to be displayed unaltered?

The only example I can find is in Flatten.C and that creates it's own guide geometry.

I thought all you would need to do would be to duplicate the appropriate source just as you do with cookmysop using

duplicateSource( 1, context );

but that doesn't appear to work.

I also thought perhaps I don't need to do anything since Houdini would by default just draw the inputs as guide geometry.

But that doesn't work either.

Any pointers?

1 line or pages either is good. :)

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I don't think duplicateSource will work because it is used to copy into the gdp pointer -- but a good guess though :)


GU_Detail *in_gdp = (GU_Detail *)inputGeo(1, context);
if (in_gdp)

In the cookMyGuide1() method after you lock the inputs.

Hope that helps.


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