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a popsprite question about Rotate.

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I created particle from shelf "Location Particle Emitter"  and added sprite from "Sprite Particle" in the shelf.

The sprite Map is default smokepuff .rat


I have been trying to rotate the displayed sprite around the view axis by using 'rotate' parameter.

But it looks like scaling height/width every 90 degrees.

ig: rotate 0(original Shape) >> rotate 30 (looks scaled down width) >>rotate 45(completely scaled down to 0 that disappear from screen) >> rotate 90(original shape).

How can I make it works correctly?


I had tried on H15.5.565 and H16.0.504.20 but same result.






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Same as me.The "rotate" parameter works just as you wish in Houdini FX 15.0.360.But when i open the same project in higher version it appears like the image you've showed.I believe something has changed inside the node,but i got no solution either.

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