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Instance and point colors/groups

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Hello everyone!

So I've been asked to do a crowd sim on a stadium. Instead of wasting precious time doing the sim I just bought 15 mocap caracthers with textures included. I then did a group for the skin and a group for the cloth on primitive level.

I scatted points across the stands and colored them based on a gradient, then oriented the Normals so they face the center of the stadium. So far so good.

I did a CopyToPointsSOP and it immediately crashed as I suspected. Then I proceed to copy and instance them. Worked like a charm. 

My problem is that when I do the instancing I lose all my materials and groups. Basically I wanted to transfer the Cd from the points to the cloth group and leave the skin color intact. 

I tried it with the instance node and it didn't work aswell.

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Telling from your description, it feels like there is something going wrong with your packed promitive workflow.


Just watch the following video, as far as I remember, they are more or less exactly explaining your problem and what you can do about it:




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