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Division in VEX expression in point node

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Quick question, I was watching Jeff Wagner's webinar on the changes to nodes in 16 and at the 15:04 mark he starts discussing the new Point node. In the drop down options for the VEXpression field there are a number of options, such as Pass Through, Constant Value, etc. There is a Multiply by Constant Value but no Divide by, and if I try to write a VEXpression and use a division sign it does not seem to evaluate. For instance if I wanted to create a gradient of color along a line, I would try to use set(value.r + (@ptnum/@numpt), value.g, value.b) but I would just get values of 0,0,0 for every point. I can do the @ptnum/@numpt division in a separate Attribute Create node but not in the VEXpression field of the Point node itself. Can you not use division in VEXpressions?

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8 minutes ago, woodenduck said:

Have you tried casting @ptnum and @numpt to floats before dividing? 

(float)@ptnum / (float)@numpt 

I think VEX will treat them as integers and not divide correctly otherwise.

Brilliant, thank you, that worked out.

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