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flip stick or glue to geo

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I'm trying to stick/glue an viscous/gooey liquid (flip) to an object.

This works to a certain degree with stick and friction when the object is static or only translates slowly.

As soon as rotation comes into play the liquid falls off the object.

I guess this is due to the collisionvel. Reducing the force scale in the vol motion tab doesn't do the trick. I tried lots of different settings but nothing really works.

So more or less I am a bit stuck here and hope that you guys come up with a solution.

The general thing I am after is that no matter how fast the object spinns or moves some amount of the gooey liquid stays on the object while other parts may be thrown off.

I attached a simple test file.

Thanks for your help.


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Thanks a lot Karl for your help.

This really does the trick ... funny thing that the 'real' scene which has a character where the gooey flip has to stick on had pretty hres/dense collision geo. But it did not work.

ATM I am looking into grains to get it to behave the way I want. But maybe I will be back to make it work in flip pretty soon.

Thanks again



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