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FX Artist - Gimpville, Oslo

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Gimpville is one of the leading VFX studios in Scandinavia. Gimpville is specializing in high-end visual effects and 3d animation for feature films. We produce VFX for both domestic and international productions including The Wave, Troll Hunter, Kon-Tiki and League of Gods. Please visit www.gimpville.no for more information. Our offices are located in central Oslo, Norway. 

Gimpville is currently expanding it's vfx team. We're looking for skilled Houdini TDs to work on upcoming feature films. We are looking for both full time and production based employment. 


  • Look developement and production of large-scale water and fire/smoke VFX.
  • Setup and wrangle heavy simulations and render the assembled scenes using Mantra.
  • Able to work effectively alone and as part of a team of TDs. 
  • Able to demonstrate excellent problem-solving skills

Essential Skills:

  • Experienced with both Houdini and Mantra.
  • A thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to simulation and procedural setup.
  • Minimum 3 years experience producing effects such as smoke, fire, water, steam, debris, rigid. and soft body simulation.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to deliver quality shots on time.
  • A solid understanding of the entire visual effects process, from shooting through compositing.
Desirable Skills:
  • Programming Houdini HDK assets
  • A familiarity with pipeline issues, especially working between packages and large scale data.
  • Python, VEX and HScript scripting
Please write a few lines about yourself and your prior production experiences. Please also include a few lines about your goals and future career plans.
For requests and application, please contact Lars Erik Hansen, job@gimpville.no
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