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XOD - visual programming language for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other embedded platforms

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Hi there!

My name is Ivan. I’d like to tell you about a new programming language we’ve developed - https://xod.io

I hope it can be of interest for you guys =)

XOD is a visual language for microcontrollers and is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other boards with a bunch of widespread modules. No firmata or other high-level tricks used, just regular compilation.

We used functional reactive programming principles and added visuality.

We will publish the XOD language, XOD IDE, and library sources on GitHub once launched.

Right now, we are looking for testers for an early access to the XOD private alpha. We believe that with the support of the community we’ll be able to build a fun, and powerful programming language that isn't tied in to any one hardware vendor.


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Luna is nice, we know them, as they also hasn't released yet, it's hard to judge, but from what we see:

- Luna is general purpose visual language, XOD is focusing on embedded microcontrollers platforms, like Arduino, RPI, Particle and etc.

- XOD generates native code for the target platform (like AVR controllers). No need for Firmata or a controlling PC. We think Luna is running at least under Node JS.

- Different concepts, Luna is pure functional language, XOD is functional reactive language

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