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Arnold Hqueue

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Hey Sherif,


It's completely possible to use Arnold to render with hqueue.

If you tell me a bit about your how you're doing your setup, or drop a hip file in here that I can look at, then I can see if I can help you sort this out.


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It's a good simple setup. I was able to get this rendering on my hqueue with only a couple changes. Are you getting any specific errors when you try this?

The only change I had to make on my system was to add the environment variables for htoa to my path and houdini_path, otherwise my hqueue doesn't know where arnold is to load it. There are other ways to set these variables though, so whether or not you need them here will depend on your setup.


I should also mention that when I opened your set up the extension and image format were set to different things. If these don't match then your system wont be able to open the file once its rendered.



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Thank you Gavin this solve the problem

it was my mistake the mismatch on the output extension was the reason 
for the environment variable i set it on the system variables so i dont need to mention it every time 
thanks for your help 

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