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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a spiral orange peel setup (like this) but I've been going about it in circles.

I've managed to create the seams on a sphere and it's all nice and tidy but I'd like to see how I could go about and animate it. This is only a case study so there is no specific animation in mind, only something that will make the peel visible. 

  1. One solution is to create a wire deformer with the original curve but the weights will need to be adjusted manually. Does the CaptureLayerPaint work with wire captures? There is a wire capture type on the node but I can't find how to to assign weights to specific points like one would do with bones.
  2. Another solution would be to transfer the u parameter of the curve on the surface. This "twisted" u parameter on the surface can then be used with a funky attributeWrangle to move points varied by this attribute or what not. However since the curve works as the seam there needs to be an offset on the attribute transfer so that points on one side of the seam have the weight closest to the curve and points in the same position but "below" the seam should have the weight of the curve lower on the lattitude (or longitude?) of the orange. Haven't managed to create this attribute along the curve in this manner. Instead I tried to create the seams after the attribute transfer based on the u threshold. PrimitiveSplit and PolyCut seem to do this but not without creating gaps. Is there a way to create a new curve based on this threshold and maybe then I can use that curve for the seams.
  3. Last but not least running a cloth sim on the geometry will reveal the peel as needed but the original orange geometry is no good for a cloth sim so I'm having the same problems with the first solution where the cloth capture weights need be adjusted manually because of the seams but not sure if that's possible. 

I've attached a test file with the three solutions, at least as far as I managed to go. I might be going at this all wrong but please let me know if you have any suggestions at the solutions mentioned or something completely new.

Thanks in advance.



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