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Newbie needs Help to simulate particles


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    First of all hi to all community members. I am very new to houdini i want to simulate particles waveform in 3d to simulate the propagation of sound waves in 3d not just 2d. I am able to do that in 3ds max but can,t get convincing results. I want sound waves emit from my source and collide with objects in its path making all sound reflection and refraction like a spherical ripple blast from source then collide with objects and and reflect /refract i am using it to study sound waves. In simple words, i want to do like spherical wave blast from source and as it hit example like wall or any other objects it creates another spherical wave going in inverted direction as it happen. As for better understanding i use this free applet to simulate waves but this is just 2d i want full 3d spherical waves. (www.falstad.com/ripple )

Thanks in Advance.

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