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addvariablename function problem..

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Hello :) Im really Begniners.. and useing H16.

Attribute Wrangle's addvariablename function I'm going to ask you a question.

I try brun as BURN, burntime as BURNTIME, and replaced it with a local variable in vexpression as shown below.

When I try to catch it as a group, but I can not cautch @BURN but instead catch @burn .. Did I ever make a mistake?

Houdini 15 has a mapped name with MMB, but Houdini 16 does not.

please help for beginers :(


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Variable access uses dollar sign syntax: $MYVAR. @myattrib is a wrangle-style access and it uses actual attribute name. You don't need to create a variable and use addvariablename function in late Houdinis. "varmap" is a detail attribute. Keep Geometry Spreadsheet nearby to inspect it's contents.

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