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ass export with maya shader path

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Hi Peoplez,

I am doing some wire animation for plants which are going to be rendered in maya/arnold.

So i am exporting the plant geo and the shader (comming/exported from maya) as an ass file.

The assignement/name of the shader in houdini looks something like this: shop/myShader/leaf01

The exported ass shader from maya has a name like this: plant_000:leafBaseSG

So I have to go into the .ass file and replace the houdini shd name (shop/myShader/leaf01) with the maya shd name (plant_000:leafBaseSG) manuall, so arnold can pick it up in the exported shader procedural when rendering in maya.

This is pretty anoying because the .ass files keep getting bigger and bigger and more and more plants are added.

So for example it takes the pc a hole day to reasign the shaders for one shot ... argh ... wire sim is only taking 15 min ;).

If I wrangle the @shop_materialpath to the string I need (plant_000:leafBaseSG) it exports a NULL NULL thingy.


Any idea or help would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot








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let me rephrase my Question because I am facing more than 400 search and replace if I don't find an other way ...


I am exporting geo (with shader dummys ... /shop/bla/bla) and a arnold procedural (the shader exported from maya for the corresponding geo ... bla_000:blaSG) in houdini to a .ass file to render it in maya.

In the exported .ass file I get my geo with the shader pointing to /shop/bla/bla.

To get the correct shader to render in maya i have to replace the /shop/bla/bla with bla_000:blaSG.

This way Maya knows the shader to render the geo and everything is fine.


So my question really is:

How can I get houdini to write into the .ass file

shader 5 1 NODE

instead of

shader 5 1 NODE


Thanks a lot!


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