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How To Make Spiral Deformation?


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Dear Users:

I have used Expression Cookbook to create a spiral. I also have a Tube SOP in NURBS. I am now trying to figure out how to use the two SOP sets to create a deformation on the tube according to the spiral curve from the expression cookbook.

Is there a way I can use WireDeform or WireCapture or both? Or should I be using CurveClay?

What I'm going for is a bottleneck like that on a water bottle, complete with the threading for the bottlecap.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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The problem you might face by doing it as a deformation is that the isoparms might not line up with the way you want the deformation to happen. This will cause wrinkling in the model.

There are many ways round this, depending on the result you are after.

Some ideas would be.

1. Make the twist by actually twisting the bottle neck, perhaps using a twist sop.

2. Sweep a circle along your spiral and skin it, then use that in a cookie operation with the bottle neck.

3. Use the existing bottle as a template and ray some new isoparms into it that follow the shape of the spiral. Then rail a semicircle along them to get the desired shape.

4. Create a profile that is the shape of the neck when sliced though in the xz plane then copy it whilst revolving and translating it in y and finally skin the copies.

Outside of that either the clay sop or the wiredefomer should happily produce deformations on a NURBs surface, the only way to say which is the best to use is to try them both and see which gives the best results.

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