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Join Sop Producing Bad Results


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Dear Users:

I am trying to join a bottleneck with a bottle. The bottle neck was created from some Skin SOPs and some carved circle primitives copied multiple times and skinned in succession. The bottle body was created with points in succession fed into an Add SOP and Fitted to NURBS curve then revolved. I have attached two JPEGs which show the bottleneck and bottle body before and after joining. In the image you will see that the Join SOP flips the two surfaces and doesn't do a clean join. I tried Transforming one of the surfaces by 180 degrees but this didn't work.

Are there any suggestions on fixing my model?

Any help is greatly appreciated.





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Try using a reverse sop to swap the u and v for one of the surfaces. You might also try to do a shift, again with the reverse sop, to get them to align. It's difficult to tell from the picture which is required.

If you add the join sop interactively in the viewport it should set all this up for you. Often I prefer to do it manually as I get more control over which sops are added that way.

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