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Creating waves with vertical lines


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I have a question about the ocean spectrum node. I have created a deformed wave using a grid with ocean spectrum and ocean evaluate node. I can change the ocean spectrum wind direction setting to achieve the kind of look I want, which is to have the vertical lines on the ocean surface, something like the image below. But if I only do that, the waves direction is still wrong, they are moving sideways. Is there a way where I can create this effect with chops moving in the right direction? I thought perhaps I should create another ocean spectrum and put it on top of the first ocean spectrum. This is pretty urgent, does anyone have any suggestions?




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10 hours ago, Fyre said:

Sorry if this is a very basic suggestion - on the wind tab you have rotated the wind direction to your preferred angle and then I'm assuming you've already cranked up the directional bias and movement? Or am I missing the point? waveLines.hip

Thanks for the suggestion but I've already tried that. I rotated my wind direction to 90 degrees, I get the vertical lines. The directional bias and directional movement just makes it move more in the wind direction. In the image above, even though the waves have those vertical lines, the water particles are still moving forward to create the breaking wave. That's the effect I want to create, without converting my whole mesh into flip as that would make the simulation too heavy to be computed. In your example hip file, the waves have the lines but it's moving in the wrong direction. it's basically what I want to fix. 


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On 8/4/2017 at 5:19 PM, Fyre said:

Ah I see, so you want to layer the spectra. If you construct the correct motion and shape for each layer you can then simply use a merge before the evaluate. Hopefully this scene is what you mean, obviously you will need to adjust the settings and possibly make a hero wave.


Yes that is exactly what I meant! Thanks a lot!!

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