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"I also want to know" emoticon and "leaderboard" with most desired unresolved topics

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Now we have these emoticons, which is great: Like, Sad, Confused, Haha, Thanks. Leaderboard tells us, which content is most liked, this is great, thank you for that.
Could we have also opposite of that? "I also want" emoticon? I mean "Please, anybody solve this" emoticon. And those topics might have its "Starveboard"?
Actually I follow these topics ... and silently wait. Maybe I should write and write everywhere, but I would clutter lots and lots of topics.

Its just an idea, thank you very much for this forum, its really great as it is!

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I am looking at the staging.odforce.net and there is some "ipsRating" functionality. Could it be used for this? Can invision IPS sort by number of votes or by this review rating? Or am I overcomplicating it?


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