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Creating subfracture group


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Good Evening,

Im trying to improve the look of my fracture setup using booleans. The pieces look great but due to the boolean cutters the pieces dont read so well in DOPS. I decided to measure the chunks and shatter only the larger pieces in a bid to improve the collision geometry.

I want to use a forEach loop for each large chunk, shatter it and then assign it to a group or assign an attribute so that I can use them later in the constraints network. Those chunks will have glue constraints set to -1 so they dont break basically meaning they are the same as the original piece but will read in DOPs better for collision geometry.

I dont want the subfractured individual piece info just the original whole piece. Is there a way to create a group for each loop of the forEach. Then I would have groups like unbreakable_01, unbreakable_02?

Would appreciate some pointers before I go insane haha

hip attached.







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Hmmm... guessing its not something people do considering the response.

Frustrating trying to piece things together with limited knowledge. Tried many different ways and came up with a hack of doing what I wanted.

Just want to be able to fracture pieces but sim them as solid units instead of many individual ones. Trying to understand how the name attribute changes packed prim results and moving promoting attributes about.

Kinda messy so if somebody can advise a cleaner method then I would be grateful. Supplied the hip file and the mesh I am working with. Its the head of the rhino from Disneys Robin Hood. Feel free to smash it up yourself.

All the best,




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