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IK Animation Layer?

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I would like to do some minor corrections to an existing mocap animation. Ideally, it would be much easier to use an IK rig to do the tweaking.

I've attached a simple sample file. It contains the ff:
1. rig_anim: Contains an animated set of bones (as mocap animation).
2. rig_IK: Contains an IKFK rig, currently set to the desired adjusted position.
3. rig_main: The main rig which would theoretically inherit the combination of rig_anim and rig_IK.


For now, I tried using CHOPs to get the animation data from both the rig_anim and rig_Ik, then use blending/compositing of channels to get the desired effect. The closest I got is 50% from both (rig_main in green above), it is not entirely working like a full correction/adjustment layer.. what could I be missing?


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I got something close. The idea came from discovering (from another thread) that there is an Agent Clip Layer DOP, and it has a blend mode setting called Additive. Here's an excerpt from the docs:


This is useful for adding additional variation while preserving the characteristics of the base animation.

It turns out I just simply needed to "Add" to the values. In my example above, the rig_IK just needs to be stretched out.


IK Layer2.zip

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