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keeping groups after carve SOP

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Hello everyone,

I have a bunch of particles born just on frame 1 and being emitted from a grid and going upwards. I have created one group per particle on VEX, then i have attached a trail SOP and the groups have been translated to the trails. So far so good. Then i attach a carve SOP and i lose the grouping! The thing is that i need those groups for the connection lines i use later.. because i want to connect those points between them excluding the points of their own group 

I attach a couple of screenshots and the fille in case someone can help me with this one :-)




keeping groups after carve.hipnc



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There's 2 solutions to this afaik.

the more complex one is writing your own carve node that keeps primitive groups, in VEX for instance.

the easy solution, is to use an (integer) attribute instead of a group, then you can regenerate the group from the attribute later
using a group expression for example: @attrib=1

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