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Job Openings: Tcs Vfx Toronto


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Technicolor Creative Services has 3 full-time positions that need immediate filling in our Toronto studio:

- Lighting/Shading Artist

- Procedural Shader writing experience essential.

- Implemention of Illumination models.

- Keen eye - strong sense of color, exposure, and lighting.

- Mantra & PRman experience essential.

- Film background essential.

- Unix/Linux experience an asset.

- 5+ years professional experience.

- Houdini FX Artist

- Thorough knowledge of simulation techniques and phenomona [fluid, cloth, fire, clouds, smoke].

- Strong problem solving abilities.

- Experience with POPs, CHOPs, VOPs essential. DOPs experience an asset.

- Scripting/VEX/HDK an asset.

- Film background an asset.

- Unix/Linux experience an asset.

- 3+ years professional experience.

- Houdini Generalist

- Ideal oppurtunity for a generalist from a commercial background seeking feature film experience.

- Working knowledge of a houdini based production pipeline. Procedural Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, and Rendering.

- 3DEqualizer experience a strong asset.

- Strong problem solving abilities.

- Unix/Linux experience an asset.

- 3+ years professional experience.

Please Submit Reels on VHS/DVD (NTSC) to:

Attn: Gene Dreitser

Technicolor Creative Services

49 Ontario St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5A 2V1

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