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CHOPs counter: add values from past keyframes

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I have an animation channel with keyframes with various integer values. In CHOPs, I'd like to have a rolling counter that holds the sum of values on all preceding keyframes (values from keyframes only, not values from all preceding frames). Any idea how to do this? Below is a sample of what the counter would do:

Keyframe on frame 1: value 3, counter: 3 (3)

Keyframe on frame 8: value 8, counter: 11 (i.e 3+8)

Keyframe on frame 13: value 4, counter:15 (i.e 3+8+4)

Keyframe on frame 23: value 4, counter:19 (i.e 3+8+4+4)

Keyframe on frame 29: value 7, counter: 26 (i.e 3+8+4+4+7)

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The Area CHOP doesn't care about keyframes. You can wrangle almost anything, also with the "if" statement, but you probably don't have the list of keyframes? Probably Python iteration is needed here?


hou.Parm.keyframes() → tuple of hou.BaseKeyframe

Returns the keyframes on this parameter.
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