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Nik Willmore

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As an adjunct to my suddenly learning Houdini as a new passion, I'm able to offer skills that compliment it, via Rhino/Grasshopper/Python with Python command of various libraries and commercial software such as ZBrush, so you can have ZBrush become a "plug-in" from Python, for instance, via sending it ZScripts and pulling the result back into Python.

I'm a PhD chemist in Manhattan with vast physical fabrication experience on most any size scale, having also ran a CNC router-based fabrication studio for nearly two decades, but I'm not an animation or rendering talent, nor am I headed in that direction, but rather towards physical modeling of jewelry designs and the use of animation software to powerfully compliment CAD tasks, often for 3D printing.

Very excited I have become, to rediscover Houdini after dabbling in animation software many years ago, to find that the ridiculously fast and lean OpenVDB surfacer is a standard feature, which rekindles my old and proudly idealistic enjoyment of metaball modeling, and it offers a second alternative for highly complex Booleans, to complement Dynamesh in ZBrush, which seems to be a ball-pivot algorithm though it may be using trade secret 2.5D Pixols too, for speed.

My Grasshopper portfolio is included here: http://nikwillmore.artstation.com

I've personally "graduated" from Grasshopper now that I have learned enough real programming in Python, programming I did desperately to escape the arcane burden of Grasshopper data trees where simple loops and conditionals in normal code turns into vast tangles of node spaghetti and symbolic math kludges between those nodes. But I did learn Rhinocommon, the API of Rhino, in the process, so in that sense I'm a dedicated specialist in it, a different geometry engine than Houdini, mostly NURBS but also general automation and CAD page layouts and dimensioning and annotation.

What use is that to animators? Maybe I'll find out, here, especially since the dynamic coding-competent CGI community isn't so uptight and academic as those of architects who won't hire me since I don't have their same college degree. Medical illustrators I'd be happy to collaborate with, for instance, as a chemist.

Nik Willmore
(nikwillmore at gmail and @nikwillmore on Twitter)



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