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Backface shading. Consistent orientation.

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There's two things I want to file RFEs for but I wanted to check first with others in case I'm missing something: 

Video: https://streamable.com/mohpe

- Differently shaded backfaces.
I would appreciate being able to discern the side of a polygon without having to "Remove backfaces". Polygon normals help but are too faint and not practical to always have on.

- Consistent orientation.
Turn ON "Remove backfaces" and check for example the Circle SOP both as Primitive and Polygon, the normals don't match. For people that use double sided meshes regardless this is irrelevant but since Circle,Grid, Font, etc are all primitive building blocks used in all sorts of setups I think it's reasonable to expect consistent orientation across them. Specially when one is forced to micromanage setups that rely on normals to account for the differences. X+ Y+ Z+ seem to be good standard orientations.

Let me know

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