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Unable to evaluate expression - basic if condition


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Hello everyone,


I get this expression error but I can't figure why.

Can someone please tell what i'm doing wrong ? Or maybe it's not possible to do that in this field ?




Thank you,



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There is parentheses mismatch in the original expression, which will break any code.

If you want to use classic C-like if (cond) {statement} else {statement}, you need to open full editor via RMB menu and use multi-line expression (it is like a function body without function declaration itself):

    if (ch("../depth") < 5)
        return ch("../depth") * 4 + 1;
        return ch("../depth") * 3 + 1;

What you used is if() expression function. I think it just wraps code above into something that is easier to use inside expressions. Although it evaluates both branches, I doubt if anyone ever had problems with it in practice.

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