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Rigid Body Sim Destroying Memory - Too Many Pieces?


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I'm trying to sim a brick wall getting destroyed. I'm not just fracturing a box, but I've got bricks and mortar between them. The wall I've got at the moment has close to 26,000 pieces in it. Every single piece is packed with a unique name. The bricks are showing up as packed geo, while the mortar is showing as pack fragments (I'm guessing cos they're packed right after a voronoi fracture). So when I start the sim, it says "loading data" for a few seconds, and as soon as it starts calculating, I see my ram usage shoot up until it hits about 95%, and then my system locks up and I have to force shut it down. I've gone and reduced the size of the wall significantly, so that now there are just 3140 pieces, and the sim runs like a champ.

I have a laptop with a 6700hq and 16GB ram.

Is this simply a case of having too heavy a setup/not enough ram, or is there something I am perhaps doing wrong? I don't really have any idea of much is too much for this sort of thing. The closest I have is Applied Houdini - Rigids 2, but then I don't really know what the specs on Stevens machine so I have no Idea what to expect. Does anyone have any frames of reference so I can gauge how much my system can reasonably handle before setting up a sim and risking annoying crashes?

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If your using a labtop then yea that's likely it. 

Adjust to somthing you can run and use the performance monitor. If there's somthing taking all the time then you know it's your setup. If it's balanced then you just don't have specs to run it

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