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Looking for London Based Freelance Houdini Artists - One and All!

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We're looking for London based Houdini artists who would be available for short term projects.

We are a small company, mainly working in commercials, and are always looking for Houdini artists and TDs with different specialities as well as generalist, to work with on future projects. 

The nature of the work we do means that the projects have a short lead-time, so we are keen to meet people ahead of the jobs to then be able to call on for the duration of the project, which tend to be 1-2 months.

We work with Houdini ourselves and love it!

If you are local to London and might be available in future for freelance work then please get in touch - we'd love to meet you!

Please send us an email at recruitment@rufianpost.com.

A showreel of our production and post-production work is here:  www.madruffian.com

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