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Crease and or Subdivide attribute

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Hi magic fellas,

I have a question regarding how to control extrusion and crease smoothness using another geo or vertex paint in an efficient way. So i have a grid with every other face extruded and i'm using the subdivide sop to smooth the whole thing. However, i would like to transfer attributes from a geo or even vertex color (paint) to drive the subdivision and the smoothness of the crease on half of the grid. So my goal is to have the geo or vert paint driving the grid smoothness, half of it with smooth but sharper edges and the other half with really smooth edges.

Does anyone knows a good approach for this? Attached is an image of what i could accomplish so far.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I just figured it out. Adding a crease sop in the end enabled the attribute created in the wrangle sop and i could finally use the sphere to manipulate the crease smoothness. Cheers all.

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