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clang: error: unknown argument: '-fobjc-gc'

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Hi All,

I'm getting started with HDK, and while trying to build geoisosurface.C I encounter the error:

clang: error: unknown argument: '-fobjc-gc'

I'm compiling with hcustom -s geoisosurface.C on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. I am in the Houdini console, and I've successfully launched Houdini from it. I also have the most updated version of XCode, v9.1.

Right before encountering the error, the console prints out:

/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/clang++ geoisosurface.o -o ./geoisosurface -Wl,-rpath,/Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.671/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/../Libraries -L/Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.671/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/../Libraries /Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.671/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/../Houdini -Wl,-rpath,/Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.671/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/../../../.. -arch x86_64 -fobjc-gc -framework OpenGL -framework Cocoa

I've done some digging already. Read, write, and execute have been enabled with chmod. Here are the other threads I looked at:




Any help is much appreciated!



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I noticed that using hcustom to do the compile method that bulletSOP does was working fine. I then noticed that the makefile for osx at $HFS/toolkit/makefiles/Makefile.osx is using the -fobjc-gc linker flag. If you edit that Makefile.osx file and change both occurrences of -fobjc-gc to -fobjc-arc then using xcode 9.2 works fine.

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