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Transferring attributes from particles to volumes?

Adam Ferestad

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I am trying to get some temperature data that I have calculated on the output of a particle simulation to make it work with the pyro shader, but I can't seem to get it to transfer.  I am using Volume Rasterize Points to get the particles into being a volume, which is working really well, but I can't seem to get anything but the density field filled.  The node supposedly takes point attributes and fills a volume field with the data if it exists as both a field and a point attribute, which these do, but I keep coming up with empty fields.  Failing that, I tried to brute force them over using Volume from Attribute, which I had successfully used elsewhere in the scene, but to no avail.  Still giving me empty fields.

This has started to become quite vexing, as I think it should be working how I have it setup, and it isn't.


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Looks like all you need to do is change the name of your field from temp to temperature in your "empty_fields" vdb going into the volume rasterize points sop. Doing that, I was able to get the temperature field to populate correctly. Unless you had a specific reason to name the empty field temp instead of temperature?

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I had done that to try to get it working, I had temperature there before and it didn't do anything.  Trying it now to see if it will work.  Also, that doesn't explain why the velocity field isn't populating.  Or did it work from the Volume from Attrib?

*edit* Yeah, I just fixed the names to all match and I still get a volume with a field size of [0 0 0], which means it isn't populating, on both the Volume Rasterize Points and the Volume from Attrib.  I have to be missing something else.

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Nothing to miss really. Temperature is going to be brought in just fine if you have it as a point attribute going into the volume rasterize points. I did a simple file showing that it works and I also did it in your file aswell. You have some custom OTLs in your file so, I had to bypass those and I didn't have the patience to wait for your vel field to cook so I just bypassed the pop advect in your pop net. I also moved your dop net for your particles down into the sop level. Attached is the simple file and where I modified it in your file.



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