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Referencing animated objects in DOP?


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Recent convert to Houdini, and I have what I assume is a very basic question:

If I have a DOP set up for a cloth simulation, and want to constrain points on the cloth to an external (other top level geometry) animated object, how can I reference this object and its various points from the DOP (which is in another geo hierarchy)?

I have played around with SOP Import nodes and other things in the DOP network, but while I can reference my animated geometry with these I cannot seem to pipe any useful information to (for example) a sbdpinconstraint?

Apologies for the ignorance, but I have searched for a tutorial or explanation for a couple of hours...

Thanks in advance!

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Ok - as expected it was simple:
The referenced object needs to be added to the sim using a StaticObject node. The OBJ Path needs to be set to the animated object. This can then be used as a constraint reference in the usual way.

However, I am surprised this was not covered in any tutorial I watched, since directed simulation is something that is very common (IMHO). :)

Anyway, hope this helps someone else.

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