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How to find the quaternion to rotate from one vector to another

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I have a line bent along the x axis, and a series of points in a ring around it.  Is there a way for me to align the line to these point positions while making copies in a for loop?  Im trying to using the align vop in the point vop, along with some quaternion math.  My result is okay, but not good enough.  Please see attached!  Itll make more sense than any rambling I do here.

Thank you!




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7 hours ago, f1480187 said:

1. dihedral(). Be careful with opposite vectors. There are infinite number of rotations between +x and -x vectors. It will choose one arbitrarily. Which may result in the issues like in the picture posted.

2. Possible fix, without using quaternions and matrices: sweep_sections.hipnc



Thank you very much f1480187.  

Im gonna look into dihedral() for my own mathematical purposes, but your alternative solution works perfectly.  Many thanks for your help!


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