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cheap&fast sims following animation?

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I'm mostly geared toward parametric setups with immediate interaction, easy to "art-direct", but there's things only sims can solve, so I'm looking into introducing some cheap&fast sims into my setups. What do I mean with "cheap&fast"? 

Take the example these boxes being simmed and then use the resulting packed geo to instantiate rubber toys: https://streamable.com/fnrmf 
Not accurate, but fast. So, to sim on simple proxy meshes and then use those to drive complex meshes.

Now, today I was going through this tentacle setup, that is using curves: https://streamable.com/sqssf

And basically I wanted the curves to collide with each other and with obstacles, so I made them Wire Objects, pinned the first point and setup a ground and an obstacle. But the results were not very inspiring (black: sim, yellow: parametric anim).61SKMgv.gif

What I basically want is the sim to look like the anim, but when there's a collision, to solve it, while still trying to keep up with the anim afterwards. I tried to use the "Glue Wire to Animation" from the shelf and select some points, but apparently when it's glued it follows 100% and so the results are weird.

I was more looking for the curve to bump on the obstacle but still follow through to the other side and eventually catch up with the anim pose:

Maybe I shouldn't be using DOP or gravity at all... There are a number of sim systems in Houdini and I would like to know where I should be digging to attain this sort of cheap&fast effect, not just for this particular problem but for overall situations where there's a strong parametric element to the animation and one wants to enrich it with sim calculations that adhere to the parametric anim, not just an initial pose.




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in your wire object, try to play with target geometry to get t he result you want


wire object.jpg

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Thanks a lot @yglemarec sorry for the slow reply. 

That indeed improve a lot the following up the anim by the sim wire.



Although, I'm still not getting the tip to bend/flow from one side to the other, for example. What I was sorting looking for is the squishiness of a tentacle against obstacles + its' ability to act like a muscle on it's own. Neither stiff anim only , neither ragdoll sim only.

Thanks for the tip, was of great use already!

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