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Beginner Questions about Animation Workflow and Previs

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Hello all, after 3 years of editing nonsense videos...I decide to pick up 3D again, I want to start by making some Previs just to get a sense of the workflow and start making something. but I don't have any experience with 3d animation and I have lots of questions...if you guy can recommend some good books/tutorials about it, that would be great! please let me know.

I want to have the ability to refine my previs animation to a final product, is it possible? like animate a draft character or proxy, and later when I finished the final model, and I just transfer the animation over. If the draft character in previs animation doesn't have any detail rig, like fingers or facial rig, can the main body animation of it be transformed into a final model?(which is fully rigged.) I'm planning to use the default autorig & invisible rig to do the previs animation. any suggestions?


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