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.Sim playback issue? Stuck on first frame for a period of time?

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Hi there


I've had this issue for a couple of days and I can't figure it out. I thought my Flip sim was bad because playing back the .sim files didn't seem to advance the simulation past the first frame for a number of frames and then it jumps ahead in time.

However if I reset the simulation and manually tab in the next frame instead of advancing the timeline the next frame of the simulation is actually there.

I'm wondering if the issue is related to my dop network simulation settings in any way?

For some reason the start frame is 0 and the offset time is -0.016667. I don't recall setting start frame to 0 so I may have inadvertently change it as I have my other dops set to start frame 1.

All my dops are running with a scale time of 0.5 and 5 sub steps.

Global FPS is  60.

I'm not having any problems with the other dops, it's just this last flip that won't play back correctly.

Any advice much appreciated.

I've attached the hip.





double size btl with cond v23 rf wking.hiplc

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