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Greetings OD force,

I've been immersing ( enmeshing?!) myself in the particles side of houdini for a few weeks now. 

I've got this ball that uses a metaweight to deteriorate, and hopefully fly away based on sop's in the pop network. 

But at 73-74 all the scatter points reappear around the original sphere shape. 

Please take a look, Ive tried everything and I dont know what is triggering that to happen. It really ruins the effect at scale of millions of particles. 





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I had a look at your file at work today and the effect gets messed up when your first particle dies.

if you go into the stick vop and instead of using a bind to set sourceprim and sourceprimuv, use import point attribute.... ptnum > ptnum...1st or 3rd input > file ...and it will work. Don't forget to set your input on the vop. If you can't get it to work I will do it for you when I get home.



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I made a couple of changes to your file to make it more stable .... I changed the sourcing a bit, sample the point position to do the sticking instead of primuv and also made a new age attr so the particles die only when they are released.




I had trouble uploading the file so I have a google drive link:


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