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Bend Line Towards Point (Update)

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Hey All, 

What is the most straightforward way to bend a line (object 1) towards a point (object 2) animating in space.  Id like to do this on a point level if possible.  


I already have a rudimentary setup-but it is not working perfectly.  

Currently I am using a bend sop, and then simply specifiying the Goal direction as the second object.  Fur such a rudimentary approach it works rather well.  The problem is it is not 100% accurate.    The last point in the line does not always point directly at the point in space.  


Im getting the sense that if I really want the object to bend towards the point perfectly, I might need to use some matrix rotations on a point level (using a for loop)  :wacko:--but that is beyond my skill at this point.       



Any suggestions?  



Ive attached a file


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 7.11.58 PM.png

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