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PBR Translucency

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to make a PBR Material for some leaves in a scene, however I'm struggling with translucency. I figured out that I can change the Component Label on a PBR Diffuse node to "translucent" to get some translucency (tho oddly enough changing the Diffuse Model just makes everything render black... :huh: ). After that though I've got no idea how to control it. I'd like to be able to control exactly how translucent the leaf is, and even be able to plug in an additional map to vary the translucency. Does anyone know of how to go about tackling translucency in mantra??

P.S I'm using textures on grids instead of actually modelling the leaves.

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I suggest you to use Classic shader as that has translucency shading implemented (as one of refraction modes). Also, you may want to use single scatter SSS rather than translucency (renders faster, looks better sometimes).

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