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Trace Sop Confusion

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the trace sop to trace geometry for a picture. Yet I am encountering some strange things. Try this:

take any random black and white image, run the trace sop on it.

Invert the image, and run the trace sop also.

It is the same result??

I read in the help that the trace sop draws based on the brightness. I can't seem to have it trace the part of the image I want, no matter how I process it. I've tried several times with several different images. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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You could always pre-threshold the image in cops to force it to trace where you want.


I think the issue he's getting at is how one could get the trace sop to trace the inverted part of the selection, not so much how to deal with the threshold. If you place two trace sops side by side, one with a regular image and one with an inverted image, the expectation would be for the resulting geometry on one trace sop to be the inverted form of the other (IE, lets say that one regular image is just a black background with a white square in the center. The trace sop returns geometry representing the white square. If you were to invert that image, so that you have a white bg and a black square, it seems that the resulting geometry that the trace sop gives you should be the inverted form - a rectangle representing the outer, white portion of your image, with a hole in the center where the black square was placed), but that isn't what happens.

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