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Pyro and cloth solver (mutual interaction)


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Hi everybody,
I'm new to Houdini and i would like to know how can i have a volume (pyro solver) be affect by my cloth simulation?(cloth is reacting good to the volume but the volume just pass trough the cloth)
i have tried what we can see on this website but everytime Houdini crash at the last step.


it is a bug or it is just out of date?
my final goal is to acheive something like a "air dancer guy"           10ft_Red_with_Black_2.jpg

Maybe there is more simple solution, i'm open to any suggestion :D

thank's in advance!

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never tried this webpage method, but it  seems to be a beautifull method !!!

there is maybe an other method for you here : 

to mimic mutual interaction, i use 2 dop:
- in the first one , pyro drives the cloth object
- in the second one, cloth becomes a deforming object collider and drives the pyro

you will find a"cloth-pyro.hip" for better understanding.


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