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Masking Light Instances within a Fog Volume?

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Hey all, 

Doing some lighting testing here.  I have some light instances within a fog volume (just a fog volume object with a generic fog shader).  I would like to be able to mask out everything BUT the lights from the volume at this point (working on emulating street lights--not very far yet lol).    I have heard people mention categories being used in similar situations, but I have never really used categories, so any suggested alternatives or a breakdown of a category set up for this situation would be helpful.    



As a side note at some point Id like to have a fog volume that is a bit more aesthetically pleasing than this, but the two approaches (besides the quick and dirty current one) I have used so far are fairly slow.  The first is using a bounding box wrapping the entire scene, then an isooffset, and finally some volume vopping to get some cloudlike whispy variation and density in the air, but the render is really slow).  Another alternative, bounding box with a volume shader was slow as well, but perhaps I am looking at setting up the volume itself incorrectly as well?  Still, at the moment, figuring out how to do light masking on instances is a larger problem.


Thanks in advance! 



I've attached a file 









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