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topology rerouting SOP

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Hey everyone,

After doing a bit of modeling for awhile, I guess I just begin to wish that there is a faster way of rerouting the topology without the need to re-apply all the extra dissolve-blast-polysplit SOPs to get the work done. So I just wish that there is some sort of edge rerouting SOP (kind of like Edit SOP, but only that it's for repositioning the line segment) where one can simply select a vertex of a line segment (edge) and drag that vertex to a desired destination interactively, and voila.

Unfortunately, this idea only exists in my head and I don't know what would be good and what not. I don't even know if this will make modeling a slightly more efficient. After all, we certainly don't want sidefx to implement something useless into the OPs Menu, do we?

So, what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Something else?

Thanks, everyone.


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