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Two Sided Shader - Stuck!

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Hi there,

I have a simple grid and I want to apply different textures to each side. I thought I could simply modify the twosided VEX by wiring in textures into the front and back. In principle, this worked and looked great in VEX Builder. BUT, when I saved out my shiny new two sided shader and then tried to apply it to my grid. DUH! I got nothing. As usual, I'm sure I've missed something extremely obvious but after three hours beating my head against a wall all I've got is a headache. Any soothing words of wisdom would be appreciated -- even better, please tell me what I'm doing wrong...



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You'd have to modify the "s" or "t" (or uv if that is what you are using)

and then pump that into the texture vop that is giving the reversed image.

Use a global variables vop to get the s or t and then use a complement vop to change it to 1-s or 1-t. If you are using uv's then the same thing applies but just use a shading layer vop to grab the uv's instead of the global variables vop and then wire those into the s and t instead.

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